Ye… Was Right?

We at war

Kanye is correct. We are at war.

We at war with terrorism, racism

This is an eloquent and efficient way of saying it. Kanye is correct.

But most of all we at war with ourselves

As he says himself, this is where Kanye is most correct. As I will be demonstrating in Spiritual Science, and as Jordan Peterson has demonstrated in Maps of Meaning, the fundamental human drives are between self-absorbed fear (and later evil) or curious courage (and later good).

Although I have expounded on this in greater detail in the first few chapters of Spiritual Science, available online, much of what we are seeing today in terms of a “culture war” is actually a fight between two groups of people. The first, known as “leftists” or “woke activists” or “postmodern neo-Marxists”, don’t like reality the way it is and are trying to create a virtual social reality. Although they may not espouse Marxist economics, the end result will be the same – total repression in service of the virtual reality, which has already been revealed by the Twitter Files to be a reality today.

The other side, known as “anti-woke activists”, are actually a mixture of two types of people. The first are people who also have a problem with reality and are trying to reassert their colonial apple-pie-on-Sunday worldview on everyone else. The second “type” is comprised largely of conservative diasporic groups such as the “Hoteps”, Orthodox Jews, serious Muslims, and specifically Orthodox Christians, all of whom recognize that modern leftism is an existential threat to everyone – especially those of faith or principle. Sadly, these groups are not platformed by their respective communities because everything they say shatters the virtual reality and calls to their kin to awaken.

God show me the way because the Devil’s tryna break me down

This is also correct, see my video on Satan. If you want to know the way, my book is $3.99 on Kindle.

But what about Ye’s comments on Jews??!!?!?!?!?

He’ll have to revise his position on this issue, however. Nobody’s got a perfect batting average, although it must be said his appearance on Alex Jones was a pretty big blunder. May the Noachide message reach him soon!