Spiritual Science – Chapters 1-12 Drafted!

I’ve been making some good progress on my opus work called Spiritual Science. Here’s a summary of the first twelve chapters as they stand so far, along with a brief summary of each of the last three parts of the book. If you want to read more, check out the chapter drafts here – I’d love your feedback! א – … Read More

Ye… Was Right?

We at war Kanye is correct. We are at war. We at war with terrorism, racism This is an eloquent and efficient way of saying it. Kanye is correct. But most of all we at war with ourselves As he says himself, this is where Kanye is most correct. As I will be demonstrating in Spiritual Science, and as Jordan … Read More

Fear & Joy

People whose thoughts are overly influenced by fear are likely to be more attached to their own status and suffer from lack of self-confidence. They are so preoccupied with the threat of evil that they cannot see the opportunities that exist around them. This attitude is in contrast to the joyous outlook of those who are able to enjoy life … Read More

Modern Jewish Orthodoxy and the Thermodynamics of Tzedakah

In my last post, I outlined some very ambitious ideas relating to Karl Friston’s Free Energy Principle and its implications for a number of different fields in the sciences and humanities. After having the opportunity to share it around a bit, I have heard back from a Google machine learning engineer and a couple of neuroscientists that I seem to … Read More

Friston’s Free Energy Principle: Towards a Theory of Everything?

Between 2016 and 2018, I was a research assistant at McMaster University’s Degroote School of Business, where I was studying the growth patterns of students in a high-intensity experiential learning program called MARS Apprentice. Following forty hours of interviews and a transcript coding process, I uncovered relationships between cognitive styles and language patterns that took me far beyond the scope … Read More

Bicameralism, Inner Voices, Idolatry, and Prophecy

This was a section intended for my newest book, but was cut to maintain a strict focus. If you enjoy this content, you will love “Pieces of the Puzzle“, which discusses Biblical issues such as the creation of the universe and the Exodus from Egypt from scientific and historical perspectives. You will also enjoy my paper “The Bicameral Expert“, which … Read More

Eurocentrism, Ancient History, and Ancient Egypt

“….the line of ill-intentioned Egyptologists, equipped with a ferocious erudition, have committed their well known crime against science by becoming guilty of a deliberate falsification of the history of humanity. Supported by the governing powers of all the Western countries , this ideology, based on a moral and intellectual swindle, easily won out over the true scientific current developed by … Read More

Explaining the Ipuwer Papyrus

There is an enigmatic Egyptian document called the Ipuwer Papyrus which is believed to have been created sometime in the nineteenth dynasty. It contains a text known as Admonitions of an Egyptian Sage, which itself contains potential evidence for the ten plagues of the Exodus. Beyond simply referencing vague misfortunes, the author of Admonitions relays specific kinds of events that … Read More