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OCCUPIERS: Taking Israel to Court Over Their Claim to the Holy Land

People say they are occupiers. People say they are perpetrating apartheid. But if their Torah is true, as-written… the land is theirs. What is the truth?

Out of all the geopolitical controversies in the world, perhaps the most enduring, confusing, and bitter territorial conflicts remains the war between Israel and Palestine. The complexity of this dispute, which involves competing national identities, historical claims, and religious narratives, has had profound consequences for the people directly involved and for the stability of the Middle East.

While it may seem odd that such a dispute has been ongoing for decades, the reality is that the only evidence that can conclusively solve the mystery – one way or another – is religious in nature. Indeed, an honest examination of the Israel-Palestine conflict reveals that the Jewish nation’s claim to the land of Israel rests entirely on whether their religion is true.

So, are the Jews telling the truth about their Torah? Does Israel belong to the Jewish nation, or should we be calling the area Palestine? How should the map of Israel-Palestine be drawn?

In this short handbook, physicist, religious scholar, and historian Zachary R.J. Strong uses a courtroom approach, with Israel as the defendant, to see if their claims about the Torah create at least a reasonable doubt regarding the accusations they face.

As readers will be astonished to discover, the "mesorah", a human blockchain that has preserved the memory of the Sinai revelation, is corroborated by not only by hidden clues in Egyptian archaeology, but also by the Genesis 1 account that aligns with Big Bang physics. These lines of evidence, and more, are drawn together in a legalistic argument for Israel that must become part of the conversation.

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