Isn't it great to have a lightbulb moment? What if you could have more of them?

For most of us, we associate learning with school, and school with misery. But don't forget, many of the brightest minds in recent history did poorly in traditional education, but went on to achieve great things. What intellectual potential might you have yet to unlock?

I work with students and adults who love to learn, but lack access to the education they deserve. By working on a sliding scale and customizing a learning program to your needs, I can provide a rigorous, satisfying, and enjoyable learning experience that rivals anything you would find in a private school or university.

About Your "Professor":

I am an experienced scholar and passionate educator who brings a decade of experience to my role as a tutor at secondary and postsecondary levels. My goal is to provide students with experiences, not just information.

  • B.Eng.Mgt (Engineering Physics & Management, Minor in Mathematics)
  • Coach training & experience
  • University teaching assistant (engineering & commerce)
  • STEM summer camp counsellor, co-director
  • Humanities tutor & essay reviewer
  • Keynote speaker, workshop delivery (K-12, PSE, corporate)



The subject known to us as "English" consists, essentially, of reading, thinking, and writing. It is usually much less enjoyable than it could be. Whether I am working with a teenager or adult, I offer a unique blend of reading recommendations, critical thinking exercises, and focused writing assignments that will entertain, inspire, and educate.

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What we'll cover here depends mostly on what you want to learn. Psychology is a vast discipline with many perspectives, which is a joy but also a challenge for outsiders. Expect lots of reading, and be ready to unlearn a lot of things you took for granted about human nature.

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Ancient History

Instruction here will likely begin with some basic historical methods, followed by the prevailing opinions of what has happened since the Paleolithic. Issues of Eurocentricity will then be examined, particularly with regards to ancient Hebrews, Africans, and indigenous peoples. Once we have covered those fundamentals, we can dive into whatever area of ancient history you'd like.

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Marketing & Communications

I was a marketing professional for eight years, mostly working with small businesses and startups looking to grow in competitive markets. I also have taught and mentored marketing students at the university level for over half a decade. My personal opinion is that a marketing degree (or equivalent) can be accomplished in 12-18 months for a fraction of the cost.

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Media Studies

It has been said that we shape our tools, and thereafter they shape us. From oral history to social media, the ways in which we encode, frame, transmit, and store information have had many visible and invisible influences on human life. Aside from learning some theories, you'll build media literacy.

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Beyond the book I've written on higher ed reform and my experience as an educator, I have years of experience creating workshops and learning experiences. If you are an educator, I can act as a resource to help you broaden your knowledge base, develop new ideas, and bring wondrous things to the classroom.

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Religious Studies

Here, there are things that I can speak of, things I cannot speak of, and things I cannot fathom. If you are new to the study of religion, we will start with a general overview of the topic and the many forms of religious activity that exist. We will then study the religion(s) of your choice, provided I am able to provide instruction. Depending on how far you want to go, I can help you draft letters to religious leaders to further your quest.

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The Philosophy of STEM

Although many people think of STEM as a field strictly dominated by technical proficiency, being a great scientist, engineer, or mathematician requires some knowledge in what I call "applied philosophy". Some of this concerns the ethics of technology, which might be a bit dry, but there are many interesting topics as well. Is math "real"? What is "elegance" in engineering design? Is it sometimes better to not invent something?

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Conspiracy Theories & Cults

Take the red pill, and I'll show you how deep this rabbit hole goes.

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Computer hacking, bow hunting, nunchuks...


I have been a writer for over ten years, with articles in multiple publications, two books, several academic-style articles, and a hand in five or six theatre scripts. I have reviewed essays and novels, know of several great books on writer's craft, and can help you develop a unique voice in whatever format you need.

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Public Speaking

I have been delivering presentations in front of large audiences and business stakeholders for ten years. I can help you make your presentations more interesting, and we can work on delivery and confidence as well if you need.

Basic Wordpress

I have probably designed and launched over a dozen websites, and have been coding HTML and CSS for a long time. Although I'm not a wizard in this subject, I can teach you what you need to know within 2-3 months.

Basic Graphic Design

Although I am not formally trained in this subject, I learned it by "doing". I was the editor/designer of multiple publications during my undergraduate degree, and have used my skills in the corporate world to develop multiple brands. I'm happy to share what I know here!

Working With Me

Who Do I Work With?
  • High school students
  • University students
  • Adult learners of any education level
  • Entrepreneurs, young professionals
What Does It Cost?

I work on a sliding scale and do my best to serve as many people as I can. Contact me and we'll be able to figure out a study program that suits both your needs and your budget.

zachary (at) zacharystrong.net
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