Learn to Write!

Learning to write doesn't have to be frustrating or painful. On the contrary, putting your thoughts in order can be cathartic and enjoyable if approached in the right way.

Far from being an "English class", the type of tutoring I offer will acquaint you with talented writers in your genre, provide you with tailored opportunities to build practical skills, and give you lots of personal feedback on everything from structure and diction to your "unique voice".

For those interested in some writing advice, especially as they apply to essays, I have produced a short work on some special topics in writer's craft, available for free.

My experience:

I have been a professional and semi-professional writer for over ten years. Aside from a few blog projects which each gained tens of thousands of visits, my opinions and thoughts have appeared in national-level publications, as well as several smaller regional ones.

In university, I was the primary writer and editor of a humour rag, a more professional magazine, and a handbook for first year students. During my student years, I also had a hand in writing scripts and song lyrics for six theatrical productions.

Professionally, I have been a copywriter for about ten years. I have self-published three books, written biographies for musicians, proofread novels, and tutor K-12 students in English, essay-writing, and the humanities.

Types of writing I can teach:

  • Business writing (copywriting)
  • Essay writing (for K-12 and postsecondary)
  • Nonfiction writing (papers, reports, books)
  • Dialogue (plays, video games, screenplays)
  • Satirical writing (trolling, memetics, irony, jokes)

Our Work Together

Step 1: Your Goals

The first step in us working together will begin with a free conversation about who you are, what you want to learn, and why you love writing. This will only take about thirty minutes. Additionally, I'll have you send me a writing sample of any kind. This will help me gauge your current level of skill, and give us a starting point.

Step 2: Plan Program

With our conversation in mind and a sample of your writing, I'll design a custom program that includes reading selections from talented writers and producing original works of your own. Then, we'll have a conversation about my proposed program to make sure it fits with your needs, goals, and budget.

Step 3: Read & Write!

Most programs will last between three and six months. By the end, you'll have developed fundamental skills, learned some useful tricks, and have the beginnings of a unique style and voice.