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Zachary R.J. Strong

"Because we now know that human consciousness is always expanding, this means that growing and learning are fundamental aspects of what it means to be human. It can now be concluded that one purpose of human life is to grow as much as you can, and to become the best version of yourself – something we have known intuitively all along."

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By day, I am a marketing strategist and R&D professional who helps brands put down deep roots. Over the last ten years, I have rebranded several companies, redesigned a dozen corporate websites, and helped multiple businesses reach the one-million-dollar milestone through inbound marketing techniques.

While helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses, I helped many of them solidify their market leadership with the development of intellectual property and proprietary technology. In this capacity, I have contributed to the Nix Pro Color Sensor, the RQ Relationship Intelligence assessment, a survey on gendered ambition, marketing process technology, and curriculums for K-12, postsecondary, and corporate contexts.

On evenings and weekends, I transform into a daredevil scholar, mad scientist, and rogue social worker. Naturally drawn to mysteries, controversies, and unresolved conflicts in science, I have stumbled onto powerful insights hidden in the Western scientific literature, including connections between Nietzsche and neuroscience, the relationship between thermodynamics and charity, and what comes after quantum physics. I may also be the first person to find errors in the Egyptian radiocarbon literature, and the first person to point out that “simulation theory” should be “video game theory”.

I now share these answers freely in wooded areas near my city, on my YouTube channel, and in my writings.


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