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All the journeys of this great adventure
It didn't always feel that way
I wouldn't trade them because I made them
The best I could, and that's enough to say

To see the world,
things dangerous to come to,
to see behind walls,
to draw closer,
to find each other, and to feel;
that is the purpose of life.

Gewiß, so liebt ein Freund den Freund
wie ich dich liebe, rätselvolles Leben!
Ob ich in dir gejauchzt, geweint,
ob du mir Leid, ob du mir Lust gegeben...

the gift
     keeps moving

Meet Zachary R.J. Strong

As a scholar, Zachary is an intellectual daredevil and champion of human perfection who has spent years exploring human lifespan development and peak performance. Zachary's findings indicate that we are only operating at a fraction of our capacity... and that we can grow quickly if we want to.

As a coach and trainer, Zachary's focus is on catalyzing transformational changes and profound perspective shifts. Alongside his years of scholarship on this subject, Zachary has almost ten years of experience in K-12, postsecondary, and corporate education, much of it with a focus on rapid transformation.

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