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Imagine if you could finally understand why the universe works the way it does. If you could see how everything fits together and just… flows. If you really could travel to infinity and beyond. The good news is that you can – it just takes courage and some daily study.

Or maybe you just want to become a better person – more authentic, more soulful, more wise. You’re also in the right place, don’t worry. I’ve got something for just about everyone, and much of it is free.


Zachary R.J. Strong is an intellectual daredevil and champion of human perfection whose work has made people leave their religion, question their sexuality again, and threaten him with weapons.

Naturally drawn to mysteries, controversies, and conflicts, Zachary's scholarship reflects his kaleidoscopic journey through the accumulated knowledge of humanity. He has spent years exploring topics that most people do not dare or care to contemplate, including the psychology of genocide, the neuroscience of religious experiences, and the upper limits of human potential.

Among many other audacious boasts, Zachary claims to have used his pandemic downtime to...