Pieces of the Puzzle

Reconciling Science, History, and the Bible

Have you ever wondered if the universe has a Creator? What would that change in your life if it were true?

Most of us are familiar with the concept of "God" through the Christian Bible, which provides us with a mysterious creation story that doesn't seem to reflect the history of our universe.

The Bible then proceeds to claim that Ancient Egypt suffered ten catastrophic plagues and had its pharaoh swept away in the Red Sea, none of which is corroborated by the mainstream historical narrative.

For almost two centuries, Western scholars and theologians have tried their best to reconcile the Bible with science and history. Although there are clues that suggest the Bible might be literally true, the pieces of this puzzle haven't come together until recently.

On the shoulders of giants...

Mainstream Science & History

Instead of dismissing or rejecting secular scholarship as many Biblical scholars have done, Pieces of the Puzzle recognizes and celebrates the many contributions to human knowledge that have been made outside the realm of theology. Science and history add to - not subtract from - the beauty of the Bible.

Authoritative Jewish Sources

One of the biggest mistakes made by Biblical scholars is neglecting the meticulous records that the Jewish people have kept about their own history. This includes not only historical works like Seder Olam, but rabbinical commentary on the book of Genesis that is seen as authoritative and even necessary to fully understanding a very confusing first chapter of the Bible.

Afrocentric Scholarship

Aside from neglecting the contributions of Jewish scholars to the records of human history, the voices of continental and diasporic African scholars have long been ignored and denied. When it comes to the Israelites' stay in Egypt, African scholarship provides an additional perspective from which to draw harmonious conclusions.


The Big Bang...

"One may wonder, therefore, what was before the singularity? If our universe did not exist at t < 0, then how could it originate from 'nothing'? The singularity problem is certainly one of the most puzzling problems of contemporary science..."

"In the standard hot universe scenario it is absolutely unclear why our universe was created flat, or almost flat, with such fantastic accuracy."

- "The Inflationary Universe", Andrei D. Linde (1984)


The plague of boils...

"... there is evidence that disease affected the royal court before the reign of Hatshepsut. The mummy of Thutmose II is the only corpse of a pharaoh during the Eighteenth Dynasty covered with cysts from an unknown malady. These lesions coat the back, waist, arms and legs of Thutmose II and exhibit a mixture of papules, scabs and scars up to several centimeters in length. These cysts also cover the corpse of... Hatshepsut and her successor, Thutmose III..."

- "Reign of Thutmose II Suggests Crisis", SBWire Press Release (2012)


The river turning to blood...

"Behold, the river is blood, and yet men drink of it - Men shrink from tasting... they thirst after water."

- "Admonitions of an Egyptian Sage", from the Ipuwer Papyrus


Written by an engineering physics graduate and multidisciplinary scholar, this book combines insights from Jewish, African, and Eurocentric scholars to demonstrate that the answers about God we have been seeking are now available for all to see.

Beyond being a friendly and accessible introduction to the very difficult topic of metaphysical inquiry, this book provides a unique "proof" for God based on the physics of the early universe, the formation of our planet, the eyewitness testimony of the Jewish people, and historical evidence that the Exodus happened as written, plagues and all.


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In this book, you will learn...

  • How to build a foundation of critical thinking skills to stop you from getting confused in metaphysical and theological matters;
  • How oral history really works and why the game of telephone gives us a poor picture of how knowledge can be transferred through generations;
  • How some of the nuances of the Big Bang Theory align with Genesis 1, as well as ancient and medieval rabbinical commentary considered essential to understanding the Jewish Bible;
  • How some of the confusing Biblical verses about the creation of the Earth can be resolved with an understanding of how Earth's atmosphere formed;
  • That the astrological method used by Egyptologists to date Ancient Egypt is demonstrably wrong by two hundred years;
  • How radiocarbon dating works... and why it might be flawed for Lower Egypt;
  • That our current understanding of the dynasties of Ancient Egypt is wildly optimistic and very implausible;
  • That Joseph, who became vizier of Egypt, was actually a notable figure in fifth-dynasty history;
  • That the events in Exodus are referenced in Egyptian documents, and that the plagues of boils and firstborn caused dynastic upheaval;
  • How all this evidence, plus Exodus 19 and the testimony of the Jewish people, is sufficient evidence for a reasonable belief in God's existence;
  • And more!

Included with this book is a free companion timeline, which shows the "Revised Dynastic Model" in more detail alongside Biblical events from Abraham's birth to the Exodus.

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