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Perhaps the only person to ever graduate from McMaster University with a combined undergraduate in engineering physics, commerce, and mathematics, Zachary R.J. Strong's quest for knowledge has taken him from the sciences to the humanities, and from the texts of major world religions to the folkloric traditions humming underneath and within the world's modern empires.

Zachary's unique perspective on Jewish faith claims, driven by his understanding of topics like quantum physics, thermodynamics, and media ecology, has allowed him to make unique contributions to the growing library of documents demonstrating the truth of "Orthodox" Judaism. These include a bold paper on the limitations of the current scientific paradigm, a comprehensive proof of the Exodus, and relating the Jewish mesorah to blockchain technology.

Areas of Competence

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Human Development Specialist

Zachary is passionate about helping people learn and grow, and has ten years of experience acroess a variety of roles in K-12, postsecondary, and corporate education. Trained in Co-Active and Developmental coaching methods, and further informed by DBT, ACT, IFS, and hypnotic techniques, Zachary enjoys helping people make transformative changes in accelerated timelines.

One of Zachary's research specialties is how humans develop across their lifespan, a topic on which he has authored four papers and a music-themed "thesis". After learning that there are about ten "levels" of increased sophistication that humans can attain, and that most people are on levels three and four, Zachary is on a mission to provide people with affordable opportunities to gain wisdom and a more decolonized perspective.

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Naturally drawn to unsolved mysteries, unresolved controversies, and complicated quandaries, Zachary's books reflect his kaleidoscopic journey through the accumulated knowledge of humanity. Offering a synthesis of many different perspectives within his writing, Zachary takes his readers on daring intellectual journeys that will leave them more elevated and sophisticated than before.

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Formally educated in piano, clarinet, drawing, watercolor painting, acoustic recording techniques, and Scottish Highland Dance, Zachary is also a self-taught graphic designer, guitarist, bass guitarist, and percussionist. His eclectic style is a reflection of his many inspirations, influences, and interests, and is expressed in a variety of mediums.

A student of media as well as a user, Zachary enjoys pushing the boundaries of traditional mediums to deliver powerful messages in efficient and elegant forms. He leverages his ten years of marketing experience to create religious outreach commercials, binds dead sticks together with twine and chandelier shards to create kinetic scultures, creates music videos for songs he likes, and designs gamified experiences for curious people that surprise and delight.