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Torah and Science

Reconciling the Sages and the Scientists

What if the answers we need have been with us all along?

Although we are the most scientifically advanced and educated human beings in history, we are also the most miserable. Many of us have a vague sense that there is something missing, but nobody can put their finger on what it is.

Perhaps that missing "thing" is God... but how could we know if God exists? If He exists outside of the universe, and outside of space and time, how could we point to Him? Is there any way to know, for sure, that there is a God?

Incredibly, we already have the answer - in the form of the Jewish people. Unlike other religions, which are based off of the private revelations of some special figure, Judaism is founded on a series of unique claims that are not only scientifically sound, but historically provable.

Can We Prove That God Exists?

Is There Evidence for the Exodus?

How Old is the Universe?

Is God Watching Us?

Were Humans Evolved or Created?


Ticket to Heaven


Ticket to Heaven is an examination of the Western world's collapse, a review of the human condition, and a blueprint for a truly utopian society. By building bridges between different fields and finding common patterns between discoveries, author Zachary R.J. Strong reveals the fundamental truths that Western societies have been neglecting, and how applying those truths to our policy and behavior will give us the utopia we seek.

A Proof for Orthodox Judaism

Although we like to think that all religions are based on faith and are a matter of subjective opinion, a review of the claims made by Orthodox Judaism reveals that this religion is the only one that has the goods. Ticket to Heaven reveals that the laws enshrined in the Torah are actually the laws of physics, and that there are a number of these laws that apply to non-Jewish societies. By learning and keeping these laws, the West will ensure that it not only survives into the next decade, but improves everyone's quality of life dramatically.