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How is God Watching Us?

There are three things we have control over - what we think, what we do, and what we say. Although it sounds like a lot to keep track of, God is monitoring and managing every aspect of the universe at all times, including our thoughts. But how is this possible?

Introducing... The Observer Problem

A famous thought experiment in quantum physics, which illustrates the strange nature of quantum reality, involves a cat in a box. Without opening the box, an observer doesn't know if the cat is alive or dead, and in quantum terms this would mean that the "alive" and "dead" states are superimposed on each other and exist as probabilities. When the box is opened, these "quantum superpositions" are said to collapse into a single state which is viewed by the observer.

Although there are humans and animals alive today to observe things and cause quantum superpositions to collapse into stable states, what about the universe before there was anything like that? Both Biblical and scientific models agree that there was an amount of time between the Big Bang and the creation of plants, animals, and humans. So how did the universe collapse into stable states before that?

What this fancy scientific talk means is that the event horizons of black holes, as well as the edge of the universe itself, act as observers that cause the universe to collapse into stable physical states. This means that, even by the admission of some scientists, that someone - or something - must be "watching"... otherwise our universe would just be a floating soup of probability.

In some ways, this suggests that black holes are like the "eyes" of God. Interesting, and perhaps a little scary. Good thing He loves us!

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