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    Psychospiritual Coach, Multidisciplinary Torah Scholar, Author, Artist...

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Free Self-Help Resources

Heartsong Fulfillment & Empowerment Program

Heartsong is a free fulfillment and empowerment program dedicated to helping you enjoy a higher quality of life, no matter your current situation. With these videos and resources, I will help you understand yourself and your true potential, provide tools for self-esteem and resilience, develop critical thinking skills, have better relationships, and connect with your passions and mission.

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Honoring the Inner Child: A Workbook for the Lost and Hopeful

Grab a pen and some scrap paper, or fire up your word processor. This short but provocative guided journaling activity will help you connect to your true self, regain your childhood energy, and kindle deep reflection that will drive you forward.

Along with this free PDF, you'll get a copy of some of my other works, including Tandem Intelligences, a guide to writing professionally with artificial intelligence.

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