Spiritual Science – Chapters 1-12 Drafted!

I’ve been making some good progress on my opus work called Spiritual Science. Here’s a summary of the first twelve chapters as they stand so far, along with a brief summary of each of the last three parts of the book. If you want to read more, check out the chapter drafts here – I’d love your feedback! א – … Read More

The Most Stigmatized Disorder

Over the past several decades, society has become significantly more understanding of, and to some degree compassionate towards, mental health. However, there is one mental disorder that receives overwhelming and universally-negative stigma. One might think it is psychopathy, as psychopaths will hurt and kill people. Obviously this is not the case, as many killers, such as TJK, have fan bases, … Read More

Friston’s Free Energy Principle: Towards a Theory of Everything?

Between 2016 and 2018, I was a research assistant at McMaster University’s Degroote School of Business, where I was studying the growth patterns of students in a high-intensity experiential learning program called MARS Apprentice. Following forty hours of interviews and a transcript coding process, I uncovered relationships between cognitive styles and language patterns that took me far beyond the scope … Read More

Programming Mental Prosthetics

Usually, my writing pieces are longer completed projects, such as my paper on intuition, my book with a courtroom-style “proof” for God, and my recently-completed “thesis” on psychology. However, I’m going to try to get more blog posts out, and because of how many things I am juggling right now they will probably be shorter posts. Anyway, I just thought … Read More

Integrity Psychology – A Summary in Verse

I’m writing a bookBut it’s taking a whileSo here is a poemI do hope you smile Let’s begin with lifeWhat is it, exactly?Transmission of information!Let’s think abstractly You’re like a signalPropagating through timeGenes through generationsSymbols through media (like rhyme) You get a collectionOf things at the startChildhood is importantThings imprint on your heart From this, you get passionsThings you love … Read More

Integrity Psychology: A Preview

Normally I don’t release significant works until they are fully completed, however in this case I thought it might be interesting and useful if I share perhaps the most significant passion project I’ve been working on over the last six years. I think it may shed some light, at least obliquely, on some of the problems we have been facing … Read More

Bicameralism, Inner Voices, Idolatry, and Prophecy

This was a section intended for my newest book, but was cut to maintain a strict focus. If you enjoy this content, you will love “Pieces of the Puzzle“, which discusses Biblical issues such as the creation of the universe and the Exodus from Egypt from scientific and historical perspectives. You will also enjoy my paper “The Bicameral Expert“, which … Read More